eBook Conversion

Created Efficiently And Carefully

Convert your book into epub or kindle formats for distribution to all stores. EPUB is an industry standard and the kindle format can also be important because of the reach of Amazon for distribution.

Convert your completed manuscript and cover to various high quality eBook formats at a reasonable cost.

We strive to produce the best possible eBook conversions at competitive prices. First, we produce a base EPUB file. Then, we perform a suite of checks and tests, and makes the necessary changes for a quality eBook that renders properly across eReader devices.

Nonfiction are more difficult to convert due to have special formatting needs, such as block quotes, tables, images lists, etc.

Making eBooks from PDF files created with different fonts and page layout software by different designers creates an inherent challenge: conversions are almost never perfect. The only way to ensure a perfect conversion is to do a line-by-line proofreading of the converted file against the original.

While we perform a many quality checks on each book converted, we do not proofread line-by-line unless specifically requested by the customer. We highly recommend that eBooks created from printed originals be proofread line-by-line, because those conversions have much higher error rates. Line-by-line proofreading services involve an additional charge beyond our base conversion and Comprehensive Quality Check services.

Our Comprehensive Quality Checks

  • Check link, footnote, and Table of Contents functionality.

  • Review basic formatting.

  • Scan for character conversion and issues.

  • Evaluate images for quality.

  • Ensure tables render.

  • Ensure cover image renders properly.

  • Add client-supplied eBook ISBN.

  • Verify metadata is included in EPUB.

  • Review EPUB file in Adobe Digital Editions, on an iOS device.

  • Review the converted EPUB to Kindle format.

  • Validate with EPUB file checking tool (essential for distribution to resellers).

  • Fix any issues discovered during the processes listed above.


Typical turnaround is about three weeks from the time book materials are received to the time comprehensively checked EPUB and MOBI files are delivered. Proofreading adds to turnaround time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are eBooks read?

A: On an Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad/iPhone/iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, Macs, PCs, and other eReaders and tablets.

Q: Can I see the EPUB file without a reading device?

A: You can download Adobe Digital Editions to your Mac or PC.

Q: How are eBooks made?

A: Simply put, we create an EPUB file from the source file. This file can be compared to a zipped mini-website. This becomes the master file and includes all the elements from the source file (images, text, etc.). We then open and edit this EPUB file in an specialized editor to ensure a quality eBook.

Q: How much does conversion cost?

A: A quote can be provided with the following information:

The source data The number of different books in the order Each title’s page count, trim size, and level of complexity Target file type (EPUB, MOBI for Kindle) Contact us for a quote.

Q: What kind of eBook files should we convert to?

A: Reflowable EPUB files have become the industry standard for eBooks. Amazon has its own format (MOBI). While the same EPUB file given to other sellers can also be given to Amazon, Amazon will do a further conversion into their format. Amazon often performs conversions for free, but their review and correction process is slow and problematic. The majority of our publishers ask us to handle the EPUB to MOBI conversion so that the file furnished to Amazon has been through quality assurance already and is ready for sale immediately.

Q: Can images be included in the eBook?

A: Yes, but the quality of the images will not match that of a printed book on eInk devices that only render in black and white. Images look fantastic on tablets like the iPad.

Q: Is note-linking and cross-reference linking available?

A: Yes. There are additional charges.

Q: Do we need a different ISBN for the eBook or can we use the same ISBN as the print book?

A: Yes, a different ISBN is required for the eBook.

Q: Do we need a different ISBN for each type of eBook file (EPUB, Kindle)?

A: Currently, no.

Q: What does DRM mean?

A: DRM is digital rights management—if DRM is provided, restrictions are placed to limit copying, printing, and sharing.

Q: Are eBooks protected with DRM?

A: Yes. Each vendor (Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) ensures that. If you sell from your own website, you will need to do your own DRM.